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200g packs of Gravadlax 

Gravadlax which literally means 'buried salmon' was originally made by simply digging a hole in the ground, putting a layer of salmon in it, covering it with salt, then another layer of fish and so on. Salt was scarce and expensive in Scandinavia so the burying relied on a secondary process of fermenting or pickling to preserve the fish.

Today this crude method has developed into gentle curing to give a lightly cured but aromatic result without the fermentation.


Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) 81%; Gravadlax Sauce (mustard (water, mustard seeds, spirit water, wine vinegar, salt, sugar, spice); sugar; rapeseed oil; spirit vinegar, dill tops; spices, iodised salt; 15% gravadlax mix (brown sugar, dill tops, dehydrated red peppers, ground black pepper, flavourings preparation); salt; sugar; natural wood smoke

Allergens in BOLD 

Nutritional Information Per 100g:

Energy: 872KJ, 209Kcal

Fat: 10.1g of which saturates 1.9g

Carbohydrates: 8.4 of which sugars 7.6g

Protein 17.4g

Salt 2g 

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