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BABY OCTOPUS 40/60 per pk


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BABY OCTOPUS 40/60 per pk

Octopus can seem like a very adventurous thing to eat, but they are widely consumed in many cultures. If octopus is prepared in the correct way it can have a similar texture to lobster, and is much more tender than squid. 

Our Baby Octopus come in bags of net weight: 750g, there are around 40/60 pieces per bag and are from the Mers Du Monde brand.These baby octopus have been caught in FAO 71 Pacific Ocean by trawls.   

Octopus is low in calories and is a good source of protein, being low in fat but high in iron.  

Nutritional Information


Octopus (Molluscs)

Nutritional information per 100g:

Energy: 486 KJ / 116 kcal

Fat: 2.6g

Of which saturates: 0.9g

Carbohydrates: <0.01g

Of which sugars: <0.01g

Proteins: 23.2g

Salt: 0.2g 

Serving Suggestions

Frozen octopus actually cooks up more tender than fresh; the freezing and thawing process kickstarts the tenderising process.

Baby Octopus in Tomato Sauce 

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