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Seafood paella

A mixture of blanched squid rings, cooked mussel meat & cooked peeled tail on prawns 

This image shows seafood paella mix in a recipe with rice and squid tentacles (Rice and squid tentacles not included in Seadfood paella mix)

Nutritional Information


Squid rings (lollgo duvauceli) (MOLLUSC) (37.5%), Mussel Meat (Mytillus chilenisis) (MOLLUSCS) (37.5%), PRAWN (penaeus vannamei) (CRUSTACEANS) (25%)

Allergens in bold 

 Amount per serving (85g)=

Calories                       90kal

Total Fat                      1.5g

Saturated Fat               0g

Trans Fatty Acid         0g

Cholesterol                 45mg

Sodium                        180mg

Total Carbonhydrate   4g

Dietary Fiber                0g

Sugard                          0g

Protein                         15g

Serving Suggestions

Easy Paella 

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