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A delicious combination of Cuttlefish, Soya Bean Skin, Vegetables & Egg Albumen

Ideal for: Noodle Soup, Soup, Steamboat, Microwave & Stir Fry 

Net weight 500g

Nutritional Information

Fish Paste 61.2%, Water 19.2%, Potato Starch 5.2%, Cuttlefish 2.5%, Sugar 1.72%, Vegetable Oil 1.56%, Salt 1.53%, Soya Bean Skin 1.52%, Vegetable (Corn ,Citrus Leaf, Long Bean), Curry Paste 1.2% (Chilli, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Pepper, Curcuma, Galingale, Shallot. Egg Albumen), Natural Seasoning 0.66% (Squid extract, crab extract, shrimp extract (Crustaceans, molluscs)), Wheat Gluten 0.40%, Isolated Soy Protein 0.3%, Sorbitol E420 0.19%, Flavour Enhancer 0.19%, Seaweed 0.13%, Glucose 0.10%, Natural Colour E120, E160a, E160c 0.01%, Stabilizer E450iii, E451i.

Allergens in bold 

Nutritional Value per 100g

Energy 898kJ/216kcal

Fat 6g

Of which saturates 2.5g

Carbohydrates 17.0g

Of which sugars 4.0g

Protein 13.0g

Salt 0.7g 

Serving Suggestions

Cooking Instructions

Stir Fry: Remove packaging ad defrost at room temperature for 1-2 hours. Stir fry with Chinese vegetable in sauce and oyster sauce
For soup: Remove packaging and cook with other meat or vegetables in boiling water or stock for 10 minutes
Microwave: Tear open packaging and microwave for 2-3 minutes 

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