When you think of frozen seafood what do you think? Typically consumers believe that frozen seafood has no flavour, little nutritional value, is hard to cook, there is lack of choice and that fresh seafood is better quality than frozen. This is far from the truth!

Many say they believe that frozen at sea fish is better than fresh, as the fish is frozen so quickly the ice crystals remain tiny, allowing little water to escape when defrosting. The nutrients are therefore preserved as well as the texture and the flavour. So frozen fish is full of nutrients and high in good fats such as Omega 3.  

Frozen fish is a convenient food to have in the freezer, as it’s easy to cook and there is a large variety to choose from! Fish fillets, breaded fillets, shellfish, battered prawns, fishcakes, fish with butters, the list goes on! Most frozen fish can be cooked from frozen, so there is no worry of forgetting to get it out the night before to defrost! Ocean Classic and Fish is the Dish have a large range of fantastic fish recipes, ranging from meals done in under 10 minutes to meals suitable for any dinner party! Prawns are easy to prepare and nutritious with 115g of prawns containing almost half your recommended daily allowance of protein, less than 1g fat and only 112kcal, making it a freezer essential!

Frozen fish is often cheaper than fresh, with less waste as shelf life is up to 2 years and is available all year round. As it is frozen, you only cook what you need and portion control is much easier. This saves money and is good for the environment.

Ocean Classic is a trusted brand, with great quality fish at unbeatable prices. Try some healthy recipes from Skinny Kitchen Secrets that uses some of our fantastic products!

If you’re a little stuck on seafood recipes or are worried about over or undercooking your seafood, here a few helpful hint, tips & recipes!

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