Fish cakes are a great family favourite, being flavoursome and easy to cook! There are so many different flavour combinations and types of fish, that there is a perfect fishcake suitable for anyone!


The origin on the fish cake is believed to be in 19th century England, when any leftover fish, typically cod would be mixed with some potato, dipped in batter and eaten as a snack. These days any fish can be used to make a fishcake, cod to crab, salmon to squid. More variety of ingredients are being used by adding cheese, onion, herbs, flavours and fruit! This has made the fishcake the star of the dish and not just a snack!

Health Benefits

It depends on the fish, other ingredients and whether it has been baked or deep fried!

However typically fish contains many nutrients, check out these links below to find out more!


Blood vessels



Essential nutrients


Brighten your outlook





Ocean Classic Products

Smoked Haddock, Mozzarella & Spring Onion Fishcake

Thai Salmon Fishcake

Cod Fishcake

Method of Cooking

Here are a few serving suggestions for the fishcakes!

Sweet potato wedges

Quick and Simple Broccoli Cheese

Sautéed Spinach with Basil


Quick Sautéed Leeks 

Mixed Bean Salad