Fish stew is a great autumn and winter warmer! Packed full of nutrients to keep those colds at bay! Delicious and easy to prepare!


The fish stew goes back to the Roman's where they used to use mainly lamb and fish. Many cultures used shellfish such as clams, although this varies on where the stew was being made, as many cultures had their own variety of stew. Some added vegetables to help make the stew go further in quantity and some soon added spices and herbs to increase the depth of flavour within the stew. The stew was an easy meal to prepare and make as it was all about slow cooking.

Health Benefits

It depends on what ingredients you use, but typically fish contains many nutrients! Below are blogs of the benefits of eating fish.

Great for the heart 

Clearing the vessels  

Joint benefits 

The eyes have it 

Essential Nutrients 

Take a deep breath 

Brighten your outlook 

Your skin looks great 

Boost your brain power

Seafood during pregnancy 

Nutritional advice

The following fish can be used in a few stew: 

Ocean Classic Products

Cod Fillet
Red Mullet
Haddock, Skinless
Hake Fillet
Cod Loin
Peeled, Uncooked Prawns
Large Peeled, Uncooked Prawns
Extra Large Peeled, Uncooked Prawns
Greenlip Museels 

Connemara Mussels

The recipes below are healthy and delicious and they’re from fish is the dish!

Cacciucco - an Italian Style Fish Stew

Fish Stew

Med-Inspired Fish Stew