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Christmas Menus For Fish Lovers!

If you are going for a Pescetarian Christmas here are 3 menus to tempt you. Alternatively if you are looking for some fishy starters or mains for delicious dishes over the the festive period, look no further!

We even provide shopping...

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Dispelling The Cholesterol Myth About Prawns

The message that prawns contain high levels pf cholesterol is confusing. Cholesterol is only found in foods of animal origin and liver, egg yolk and shellfish are the major sources of dietary cholesterol....

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Food Trends 2017

Here we will be looking at the top Food Trends for 2017, exploring them in a little more detail and how we can incorporate them into our kitchen to keep food exciting and even more delicious to eat!

Monday 6th Feb 


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Frozen Seafood

When you think of frozen seafood what do you think? Typically consumers believe that frozen seafood has no flavour, little nutritional value, is...

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Is Nurture The Answer To Healthy Eating?

So it’s year 2 and a month in at university for my first born and the anxiety of “is he eating properly” steps up a notch or two. His first year was spent in catered accommodation, so if hang overs allowed, he could...

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All About Fish Stew

Fish stew is a great autumn and winter warmer! Packed full of nutrients to keep those colds at bay! Delicious and easy to prepare!


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All About Fish Cakes

Fish cakes are a great family favourite, being flavoursome and easy to cook! There are so many different flavour combinations and types of fish, that there is a perfect fishcake suitable for anyone!

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All About Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is a great seafood ingredient, whether you’re having it as part of a main meal or if it’s the main star, it is an all time favourite! High in nutrients and full of flavour, depending on the way it is smoked...

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Salmon Recipes

Salmon is a versatile fish as it can be cooked in many different ways, as well as containing many essential nutrients to help keep the body functioning and healthy.

In this blog we tell you about the different ways to cook salmon,...

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Wok Cooking

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Tips For Successful BBQs

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 Do you know someone who aspires to this?

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What is Whitebait & How Do I Cook It?

Whitebait are not a species of fish but the immature fry of many species, depending on where they are caught.  In Northern Europe, they are usually sprats, most commonly herring and have the lovely Latin name of Sprattus Sprattus!


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