Compared to dressing a crab, a lobster is a doddle. Once you have split it in half, job almost done.

Lets start by the splitting in half. Lay the lobster belly side down on a chopping board with its legs splayed out. Hold the lobster firmly and place the tip of a large, strong knife firmly into the centre of its head with the blade facing towards the nose.

There is a clearly defined seam to guide your cut. Don't be gentle, push down to the board and lever the knife blade back and forth. The aim is to split the head cleanly in half.

Now swivel the knife around 180 degrees cut in the opposite direction towards the tail to split the lobster in two.

The firm white meat you can now see can be easily teased out if required.

If you are serving the lobster in its shell there are a couple of things to do. look out for the black vein that runs the length of the tail, this should be removed.

In the head section you'll see a small gritty stomach sac behind the mouth, discard this. The gills should be removed too.

The tomalley is greyish green or pinkish brown. It's the lobster's liver, like liver pate, not to be missed!

Don't forget the lobster's claws. You will need to crack the claws with a few swift taps with the back of a heavy knife.

Finally when the feast is over reserve the shell and other debris for making stock. 

A simple, delicious way to serve is the drizzle some melted lime and chilli butter over the two halves of lobster. This can be bought in supermarkets or easily made by mixing 125g unsalted butter with 1/4 garlic clove, mashed with a few flakes of sea salt. Add a finely chopped red chilli, or amount to taste and juice and grated zest of a lime or two. add more salt and some pepper to taste. Yum!